Wednesday, 29 April 2009

chat for tea, ballarat (victoria)

I took photos of our trip to Chat for Tea, but they've since disappeared! ETA: I found them! This post has been updated to include them.

"chicken" drumsticks at chat for tea

In Ballarat, we managed to locate Chat for Tea, a vegetarian tea house. Quiet but with most of the tables full on a Wednesday night, Chat for Tea's walls were lined with tea pots and little paper bags filled with tea, and is more of a tea house than a restaurant.

laksa at chat for tea

The menu is not extensive but it is of a nice size. The focus is on various key Asian dishes, like laksa, udon, and some generic rice dishes. I tried the laksa, D tried the nutty rice, and we shared a serve of mock chicken drumsticks. The drumsticks were fantastic. The laksa and the nutty rice were okay, but a little bland. The prices were quite cheap, and we took home some sencha which was delightful.

Chat for Tea
25 Armstrong Street

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