Friday, 3 April 2009

a wedding dinner at the Hilton

Our friends K and R got married on the Ides of March, which was a super hot Perth day, and we were all standing in the sun in Queens Gardens and I forgot my parasol, which was a bit boo.

The reception was at the Hilton in one of the rooms there. There were h’or dourves to start with, one of which we could even eat (tiny fruit kabobs), and some which we couldn’t (FAIRY BREAD). This was followed by a sit down buffet, however us vegans were instead served a three course menu of deliciousness, so delicious that I didn’t feel a need to go peruse the buffet for baked potato products (with which I am frequently obsessed).

potato, leak and tofu soup

We started with a potato and leek soup. This was creamy and flavoursome, and topped with puffed tofu. I was really impressed with this soup, and this was actually what triggered my current soup obsession.

sweet potato filo thing?

This was followed by a filo parcel filled with sweet potato and sundried tomato. This was fantastic! I really want to replicate it. The flavours of the potato and the tomato worked well together, and I love filo pastry. The filo parcel was accompanied by a terrible side salad, but by this point we had already started dancing (the idea was that dancing continued throughout the meal, as everyone was eating staggered due to the buffet), so we’d swung to In the Mood between the soup and the main, and as a result weren’t hugely hungry.

Dessert was a giant fruit salad and lemon sorbet.

fruit salad and sorbet

Mad props to the chef, our meal was fantastic. The food up at the buffet sounded delightful (in a non-vegan way), and the three vegetarians at our table were delighted with the spread, but the vegan options we received were awesome, would nom again.

Also our bonbonniere was vegan chocolate! The Sweet William purple bar.

I am always so pleased when our friends are so awesome at remembering us and providing for us.


I'm Philippa O said...

that's such an awesome spread. everything looks good! i recently went to a backyard wedding where the hired caterer had prepared vegan hors-douvres (How you spell it?) for each non veg canape that came out, so yummy! it's great not being forgotten about

Mandee said...

That wedding food kicks the arse of the food at the recent wedding I went to! The contents of the filo pastry sounds yummo.

steph said...

Philippa, it is so great not being forgotten. and it was exciting to have such a great meal!

Mandee I am sad that your recent experience was crappy. :o( I love going out to places and I always hope to have great food, but sometimes it can be such a disappointment. At least this one wasn't!

Theresa said...

That's fantastic. You've got great friends!

Anonymous said...

i went to a wedding a few months ago where i was the only vegetarian, they had a completely different 3-course meal for me which was delicious and much bigger than what everyone else was getting. i had to get my brother to finish off a delicious vegetable stack :)