Friday, 10 April 2009

super fast mee goreng

I'm at Swancon today, and it's a short walk from my house so I have popped home for lunch. I had some Hokkien noodles in the fridge, and a tomato going soft and some wilting bok choy, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a very quick mee goreng. And there is enough left over for breakfast tomorrow yay!

mee goreng

I also baked the chocolate and raspberry cake from Vegan Indulgence, with some modifications to gluten-free it up, which is sitting in R + K's hotel room fridge. It was really great, when I was wandering around with my cake tin under my arm this morning, to be able to reassure someone who said "I can't have any, I'm vegan" that yes she could! Yay cons!

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I'm Philippa O said...

i love that something you whipped up at home using stuff that was getting sad in the fridge looks like it came from the kitchen of a restaurant! can't wait to meet you on thursday!