Monday, 20 April 2009

indian potluck with melbourne veg*ns

On Thursday D and I were excited to venture off on our own to meet up with some awesome Melbourne vegans and vegetarian bloggers! We congregated at the house of Michael and Cindy, and slowly a bunch of delightful vegos trickled in, bringing some delicious food for a vegan potluck, Indian-themed! There was some really great food, samosas and stuffed capsicum and a lot of spiced potato dishes, which was pretty great. There were also some sweet desserts.

vegan potluck

The samosas, which were more like puffs but were super tasty, were fantastic. The capsicum was stuffed with something orange, I think perhaps pumpkin. There was also some onion bhaji, and some delicious yoghurt things. The naan was storebought but really tasty! And there was something that might have been a chana masala. Sadly I cannot remember who brought what. Philippa though has managed to remember more details here.

Desserts were awesome, there was a kheera by Philippa, and some biscuits made by Cindy, and a carrot halwa that I think was made by Kristy. See I remember the important things!

Cindy and Michael's apartment was awesome, thanks for letting us check out your photo wall and wander through your place! The conversation was great too, though we kept getting stuck talking about bikes!

It was such a great evening, and it was very exciting to meet so many cool veg*ns!


Mihl said...

What an awesome spread! Everything looks so delicious.

K said...

It was great meeting you too, and well done on remembering!

elaran said...

now i'm hungry. =/

Cindy said...

It was great having y'all round! Be sure to let us know if you have more time for Melbourne potlucks in the future. :-)

steph said...

Everything was really delicious, Mihl!

Thanks for hosting Cindy, and we hope to get back to Melbourne soon, so I look forward to more noms in the near future!

x said...

Looks like a pot luck full of yummy fod and lucky you for getting to meet the Melb bloggers!