Friday, 1 May 2009

saff's, castlemaine (victoria)

This is the last Melbourne post for this trip!

burger at saffs

Spent the night in Castlemaine at a delightful B+B run by two old dears. Castlemaine has all sorts of fun stuff, like the Restorer's Barn, filled with steam-punky delight and a room entirely filled with cups and saucers. There is also an awesome toy store, lots of nooks and crannies full of stuffed and wooden toys and things, and a cool environmental shop! But we were in Castlemaine to visit a friend of mine, so we met her at Saff's, upon her recommendation.

vegan + gf breakfast at saffs

For lunch D had the dahl burger, which was quite tasty, and came with a scrumptious relish. I had the vegan + gluten free breakfast, with an awesome potato rosti. Their hot chocolate was also pretty delicious.

Later, we found ourselves wandering, wanting dinner, and we remembered some fairly tasty things on the menu we hadn't tried, and we couldn't be bothered trying to locate somewhere else that was vegan friendly, so we went back and tried the pumpkin risotto and the vegetable curry. The risotto was quite strong and flavoursome, but I preferred D's curry, with quite subtle flavours and not too much of a creamy texture.

If you're in Castlemaine, I totally recommend Saff's. Also they're open late, which is awesome.

Saff's Cafe
43 Mostyn St


Vegetation said...

Mmmm it all looks wonderful! Yum!

Sarah said...

So many Melbourne/Victoria posts! Why are you going there so much lately, if you don't mind saying?

All the food looks delicious though :-)

steph said...

Lots of friend events - one for a friend's birthday, one for a commitment ceremony.

Theresa said...

Look at that avocado, all coyly spread out next to your breakfast. Yum!

steph said...

The avocado was fantastic!

great eats in the goldfields said...

Glad you had a good time in Castlemaine. More places nowadays are offering vegan options, even The Railway Hotel has a few dishes to offer. Cheers!