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Saturday, 28 March 2009

melbourne miscellany

And that's it for restaurant blogging! There are heaps of places we missed, but D + I are back in Melbourne in two weeks, so if you have any ideas (or are an awesome melbourne veg blogger who wants to have a veg party), let me know...

I dropped by Friends of the Earth when D was chillaxing with a work colleague; I picked up aduki's vegan shopping guide and 'from little things big things grow' illustrated by kids of the Gurinji, and I am totally going to drop back in the next chance I get. All sorts of activist stuff and some great books and they also do meals, which I am keen to try.

J, D and I wandered in to the Radical Grocery, where I picked up some raw chocolate, as I've never tried it before. I also picked up aduki's soup book, which I noticed is authored by the people at Las Vegan. It looks pretty great (and I've already tried one recipe and it was delicious). If I lived in Melbourne I would totally have been stocking my freezer, for serious.

In other news, Lush no longer sells vegan lip balm! Super disappointing.