Sunday, 25 April 2010

zucchini fritters

Danni really liked the look of Carla's zucchini fritters, so last week, armed with two zucchinis and a large grater, we gave them a go.

zucchini fritters

Carla's fritters look more appetizing than ours do, piled high like that, but ours were still very delicious! I had to fry them for ages, six minutes or so for each side (so about ten - twelve minutes per fritter), and you have to make sure you drain them a little (or pat them quickly) before serving. I used salsa instead of chutney, and next time I'd like to add maybe half a grated carrot, and I would have added some cheezly if mine hadn't gone moldy. But, oh, there will be a next time. These were great!

I used plain flour for these, but I'd like to try it using besan or a plain gf flour.

zucchini fritters
recipe from Carla, featuring my mods

2 medium zucchinis (I peeled mine)
quarter cup salsa (because I had this leftover in the fridge)
1 tablespoon tomato paste
a little bit less than half a cup of plain flour
1 small onion (diced really tiny, I sort of wished I'd grated them though)
1 teaspoon minced garlic (from a jar!)
some salt and pepper (not very much)
1 shake chilli flakes

lots of oil

Mix together everything except the oil. Mix it well!

Heat a bit of oil in a fry pan. Once it is awesomely hot, scoop out some of the mixture, about a palm's worth, and dollop it in the pan. Flatten a little, and let it fry. Do as many as you feel you can handle in the pan at once. After six or so minutes (or, when it's browning nicely on one side), flip it, and do the same.

Drain and serve with some salsa or something. I wonder how this would taste with guacamole.


Vicki said...

I liked the sound of these too & am thinking about making them tonight & I was planning on having them with guacamole! I think they will be delicious.

steph said...

Vicki, did you make them?!

Mandee said...

Yum yum, I hardly ever make fritters and have never tried them with zucchs!

Also, would you like me to email you the mini jam donut recipe? (I assumed the Steph that commented on Vegaroo! was you)

steph said...

Mandee this was my first time making them, I thought they were great!

Also, I DO want the mini jam donut recipe, but that Steph wasn't me! I would always link to myself in my name. :o)

Theresa said...

Quelle coincedence, I made zucchini fritters yesterday. Mine were very different, however, and went un-photographed. Yours look and sound better than mine, however, so next time we have zucchini I think I will return to this post...

Eurasian Sensation said...

Interesting; I often make zucchini fritters (non-vegan stylee, with eggs and feta), but I always salt and drain the grated zucchini first. Zucchinis are full of water so I find it essential to do this - I was surprised that yours worked our okay without this step. I wonder though whether the long frying period you mentioned might be related to this. (Yours certainly looks scrumptious though!)

I use chopped mint, parsley, dill and spring onion in mine; all or some depending on what's at hand.

steph said...

ES - I very rarely use zucchini at all, so I had no idea they're usually drained! That's definitely something I'll try doing next time, maybe that's the secret to faster frying time. Thanks!