Saturday, 24 April 2010

vegan bands, and las vegan visit eleven hundred

My friends Gen and Esala are in a band called Genevieve and Jezebel (Jezebel is the harp, not Esala), and they are in residency at the Builders Arms (in Fitzroy) on Thursdays in April. So last Thursday Danni and I ventured forth into Fitzroy to see them!

You should go and see them! They are playing for one more Thursday as part of their residency, and their list of influences includes: Melbourne, Vegans. We're in Melbourne! We're vegans! And there is a harp! It's only $6! The band room has comfy couches! The band is headlined by a vegan!

So incidentally, we also love the Rosie Burgess Trio, a band which is also headlined by a vegan (and whose repertoire includes a song with the line 'and stop eating meat'). We saw them last night (which I will talk about later, with my next restaurant review), and they only have one more show before they tour around North America for three months! Vegans! Music! Things I love!

Anyway, before seeing Genevieve and Jezebel we thought we'd go for some (VEGAN) noms at Las Vegan Nirvana, since they are handily open for dinner on Thursday nights, and we'd not yet been. Upon arrival, we managed to snag the last two burger buns. I ordered the lentil burger, and Danni ordered the Thai chicken burger, and between us we shared the big bowl of chips and dips.

big bowl of chips at las vegan nirvana

I love me some hand cut chips. These were good, and I liked the dips (especially the peanut one).

lentil burger at las vegan nirvana

The lentil burger was ooey-gooey oozing out, but good. I liked the flavour of the lentils, though the mayo was not really my thing. Danni reports that the Thai chicken burger was okay - the 'chicken' was identical to the chicken nuggets at Lord of the Fries, and the sauce was good.

Previous documented visit here.

las vegan nirvana bakery
22 Smith St

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