Tuesday, 27 April 2010

harvest cafe + himalaya bakery, daylesford

I love road trips. We've been getting out and about a bit of late, last weekend we went to Edgar's Mission just outside Kilmore; this coming weekend we're heading over to Ballarat; and this weekend just gone, there was a road trip to Daylesford. WITHOUT ME.

Here is a brief tour of the noms that are allegedly to be found in Daylesford:

Harvest Cafe is a cafe with a large range of vegetarian and vegan options, enjoying the patronage of (seemingly) old ducks, featuring lots of new age art, and is also a grocery store. It was here that our intrepid adventurers had lunch.

T.L.T. waiter's salad

Danni had the TLT: tempeh, lettuce and tomato. She reports: "it was very salady, the salad was very nice but she is skeptical of the vegan-ness of the mayonnaise. The tempeh was marinated but nothing fantastic. Steph can do better." (hey, I CAN do amazing things with tempeh)

Jo had the Waiter's Salad. This was mostly comprising of cabbage, and sadly lacking in dressing. The menu mentioned 'Indonesian dressing,' but noone was able to work out what that was.

sweetcorn soup

Em ordered the sweet corn soup. This was ample lunch, as Em was both unable to finish it but able to enjoy it immensely.

Lunch overall was declared, 'okay, not stellar.' Would go again if in the area.

cherry danish apple scroll

Then, our intrepid adventurers adventured on to Himalaya Bakery, where they ate delicious baked goods. Fortunately for them, they brought me home a cherry danish! And it was delicious (I love danishes).

Himalaya Bakery
73 Vincent St

Harvest Cafe
29 Albert St


Sarah said...

I am so glad you like tempeh!! I don't know anyone in Australia but me who likes tempeh! I insist they just haven't had it prepared well - much like when people don't like tofu when they've only had bland, boring tofu (side note: I actually like bland, boring tofu. Is that weird?). I recall you have a five-spice tempeh recipe. I should make that soon.

Vicki said...

I want a cherry danish - that looks really good!

Danni said...

@Vicki: they were really nice. Best thing all day by far.