Sunday, 11 April 2010

grigons + orr ii, north melbourne

Last post about the long weekend! And what a tasty one it is, too. On Tuesday morning we ventured across to Grigons and Orr in North Melbourne. I've eaten at Grigon's and Orr a couple of times, and was delighted to find that the menu has extended to include a few more vegan options than previously.

tofu scramble

I went for the tofu scramble. This scramble contained roasted red capsicum, with spinach and I think some pesto, on gluten free toast. It was light, but just filling enough, and was quite tasty. I liked it! Would nom again.

cous cous porridge

Danni went for the cous cous porridge. It was a bit drier than last time we ate it, and the serving size appears to have been reduced to a manageable size (this is not a bad thing - it was so huge I couldn't finish it previously!). Still, the goji berries added something lovely, and I would eat this one again also.

vegie stack for breakfast with some toast

Christine ordered the vegie stack and a side of toast. This was a massive effort on her part! The vegie stack was topped with the marinated tofu that features elsewhere on the menu, and was piled high with some delicious vegetables. Reports are that this was good! Please note that this is not menu-vegan, you need to specify this to be vegan.

Good times!

visit one.

Grigons & Orr
Corner of Queensberry St and Chetwynd St
North Melbourne
Open every day

gluten free available


Anonymous said...

Absolutely lovely vegie stack! But like all vegie stacks it lacked carbs - hence the bread. One can not shop without carbs!

Also, to any vegans considering ordering the same, make sure you ask for vegan specifically. I think they said the pesto usually has parmesan in it, but could make it without when asked.

- Christine

Toby said...

sounds good, I'm looking at more breakfast options. Most tofu breakfasts contain soy sauce and so i can't eat them. (kristy being lazy and using toby's loggin)

steph said...

@christine AND SHOP YOU DID

@kristy yeah, they have a couple of vegan + gluten free options on the menu, so that's pretty handy! plus only takes 10 minutes from your place on the tram, I think, so pretty close by!