Saturday, 16 January 2010

madame brussels, melbourne

I spent several hours on Thursday lounging around Madame Brussels with my friend Dee, eyeing off the wading pool and drinking several jugs. Having missed lunch due to a poorly thought out hair appointment, we thoughtfully ordered the dip of the day, which was baba ganoush. It was super delicious.

baba ganoush at madame brussels

I'm not actually sure what we drank, there was definitely a jug of pimms, and then something that could have involved sous gin. Or sous rum. Is that a thing that exists? I suppose, for accuracy, I'll just have to return and order it again.

reflections on the table

It was a nice afternoon to sit in the courtyard at Madame Brussels, and although the menu is a long series of things not suitable for vegans, at least the dips are nice (the beetroot is possibly not vegan) and the drinks are super delicious.

Madame Brussels
Madame Brussels Level 3
59-63 Bourke Street

On top of the Spaghetti Tree (I couldn't find it the first time I tried)


Vicki said...

I love Madame Brussels, the drinks are delicious enough to make for the lack of vegan food options.

Johanna GGG said...

great photos - sounds like a pleasant afternoon - hope to get there one day

steph said...

Madame Brussels is lovely! Such a delightful venue (and yes oh the drinks)