Thursday, 14 January 2010

kari kapitan and veaty chicken bites

One of the difficult things about moving across the country is finding substitutes or replacements for all the things you used to buy. Currently I am trying to find a good mock chicken pieces product. I used to use the same stuff that Lord of the Fries uses for their nuggets, it was amazing. Anyway, now here we are in Melbourne and I am looking but not quite there.

The most important thing my fake chicken pieces have to be able to do is perform adequately in a kapitan recipe.

"chicken" kapitan

I picked up something called 'veaty bites' from the grocer at Barkly Square. The chicken pieces had the right sort of texture, and are gluten free, so meaning I can still make this recipe gluten free, hooray! But the pieces were not quite right, and the packaging was extensive, so whilst these were an okay substitute, I continue my search.


Kristy said...

I have seen the same mock chicken they use at lord of the fries at vincents in footscray and at a vegetarian health food store in box hill.

matt said...

where were you buying those chicken pieces in perth? i'd love to find some GF mock chicken pieces!

steph said...

Thanks Kristy I'll keep an eye out!

Matt I was buying them from Lotus in Northbridge. They have a few brands and I can't remember its name, sorry, but just check the ingredients and you should hopefully find it!

Eurasian Sensation said...

My source for mock meaty things is the vegetarian Chinese place in Box Hill (Canterbury Rd, near the corner of Station St). Its name eludes me. They have a good range, although I think they get it all from Vincent's in Footscray, so you may as well go to the source if it's closer for you.

Your kapitan looks pretty good I must say. Do you know that you can get vegetarian belachan now as well? It's a pretty good product, it has the funky smell of the real thing.

steph said...

Ooh, there's a vegetarian Chinese place? Do you mean the restaurant (Vegie Hut I love yooou) or do you mean a vego grocer? That would be awesome. I should give Vincent's a go, as it's closer, but interestingly I often end up in Box Hill.

I did not know you can get vegetarian belachan! Where would I purchase this smelly monstrosity?

Eurasian Sensation said...

Vegetarian belachan should be available from the grocer I mentioned. Dunno the name of the place, but it's next to the service station on Canterbury Rd.

steph said...

Awesome, thanks! I will definitely check it out.