Tuesday, 30 June 2009

cinnamon buns

cinnamon bun

On Saturday morning it was rainy and stormy, so I decided to fill the house with baking smells by giving Lolo's Perfect Cinnamon Buns a go.

it raises the dough

I really enjoyed the process, the dough was quite lovely to knead and I liked sprinkling the cinnamon and sugar across the open dough. My dough was spread a little unevenly, which really showed when I rolled it - it was spread a little bit too thin across the middle, and a little too thick along the edges.

I was concerned, after rolling and leaving them to the second rising, when they didn't appear to have risen, but they actually rose to the point of smushing together during baking, which was unexpected.

cinnamon buns fresh from the oven

I was unhappy with the marg + sugar combination across the bottom of the tray, I will definitely not be repeating that one. It was just too much Nuttelex. Next time I think just some baking paper to prevent the buns from sticking will do. Also after they cooled, the buns were very yeasty, so I'd like to cut down the amount of yeast a little bit. I missed the usual sultanas in the buns - I'm so used to eating them, but I didn't even think to add them when I saw they were missing from the recipe, and the buns really could have used that extra sweetness.

Overall verdict: okay recipe, not too difficult, but needs some slight modification to really be perfect for me.


nora said...

gahh i keep meaning to make cinnamon buns and i ALWAYS forget! it's like the one thing i've wanted to make since going vegan and something ALWAYS gets in the way. yours are beauties!

Theresa said...

I've had cristy's recipe for bread-maker cinnamon rolls bookmarked for a while, and your photo reminds me that I desperately want some of these!


steph said...

Nora, it was surprisingly not difficult! Give it a go, you've probably got all the ingredients on hand!

Theresa, dooo eeet! :o)

Anonymous said...


Being a huge cinnamon fan, that photo has placed this right at the top of my to-bake list. Yum!

steph said...

Hey Will, you should definitely give it a go. Maybe bake it and take it for next week to share? :o)

I love cinnamon, especially in pancakes.

Anonymous said...

If I have time left over having written my talk, I might just do that!