Monday, 22 June 2009

cold weather curries

It's really cold, do you know what I need a lot of? Curry!

Months ago we hosted a curry party / curry potluck at our place, about which I never managed to blog. So now that I am very cold today, I am trying to warm myself up and I am thinking about curry! It was sweltering in our front room, eight of us crammed in mid-January, it was warm and we had to open all the windows and take breaks to go outside, where we were bitten by mozzies but we weren't so tightly packed.

thai-ish green curry by msh

Everybody brought a random vegan curry, above is some sort of thai-ish green curry by Msh (please ignore the milk in the photo, someone thought they'd need it to combat spiciness).

pineapple and mango curry by matthias

Matthias made a fragrant pineapple and mango curry, he loves sweet and spicy sorts of Carribean curries.

something japanese inspired by stephen

Stephen rocked in with this delicious, very hearty and thick Japanese-inspired curry, more like a stew but still really great.

"chicken" kapitan

I provided some laksa and some kapitan, easy and familiar and delicious.

I really want some curry now.

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CB said...


the curries look amazing! I too want curry and went to make some the other night and discovered i was out of coconut milk. boo. because you are having opposite weather from us up north, you should look at vegan dad's recipes for really warming stews and potato-y things from this winter.he lives in ontario and has snow half the year. so he knows "warming."

i wanted to post the other day, but i feel with you about feeling apart from a culture because of your food choices. my mother has the biggest problem- which used to make me think others did too, but it turns out it's mostly just her. and even just that one person feeling so hostile and inconvenienced makes me feel so isolated- because your ethics are such a big part of you. adding a racial/cultural identity conflict into the mix is something i can't empathize. i can though, tell you that opting out of animal suffering, making concious decisions, and now healthy, smaller servings of this food (i'm losing weight) really sets me apart from the culture of excess and 'i deserve it' thinking. and people get offended, or at least confused. "why are you drinking so little?" I was recently asked at a friends house. "because it's a lot, you know, the calories" "really?" as if calories or diets or ethics go away on fridays and special occasions- and that was just friends watching a fight and drinking wine.

when you feel alone, think of us. no one defines who you are except yourself, and it's your duty to defend and maintain your identity as you see it.