Monday, 1 June 2009

birthday noms for dr a

Due to uni, rotations and various other commitments, although it was Dr A's birthday two weeks ago, we only just got around to celebrating with him yesterday.

We started with the essential fairy bread:

fairy bread

This is a necessary part of any birthday party. At work people mock me for providing fairy bread, but it is always the first plate of food to be finished! Because it is basically sugar and whitebread, zero nutritional value but filled with deliciousness!

An attempt at substance was provided by sausage rolls and pizza:

party food

I made the sausage roll mix the previous afternoon, and in the morning thawed the puff pastry and rolled the rolls. As previously, the sausage roll mix was from a recipe by vegetation, very slightly modified. Pizza base was made by D in the morning and left to rise for a little bit.

The food was rounded out by the almond cake from My Sweet Vegan. The cake was okay, very goopy when making it and very heavy when eating it, and I didn't enjoy the ganache at all. So although everyone else seemed to like it (UNLESS THEY WERE LYING), I'm not sure this one will be a repeat.

almond and chocolate cake


Elaran said...


Theresa said...

Well happy birthday! The cake looks pretty yummy... so long as you're not expecting to bite into a light and fluffy cake, I think heavy cakes are usually just as good. Love the fairy bread, too! I've only ever eaten it once, because we've never bought Hundreds and Thousands (that's what they're called here, right?). I may just have to remedy that...

Vegetation said...

Yay! I LOVE fairy bread!!! (Like you said, who doesn't?!?!) Sugar+sugary carbs=heaven in your mouth :P

And I'm glad you like those sausage rolls! I have a new recipe I found I'm hoping to try soon, but that one's great too (although a fair bit of work from memory!)They look fantastic.

Johanna said...

I agree fairy bread is essential party food - that stack looks fantastic and the whole meal seems delish

Mihl said...

I never heard of fairy bread! But now I agree, it looks really essential.
Sorry you didn't like that cake. My boyfriend made it once and all his collegues raved about it.

steph said...

OKAY I BELIEVE YOU YOU WEREN'T LYING. I am glad your Mum and Sid agree.

Theresa, I think heavy cakes can be good, but I find I have to eat much less of them! Also it dried out a little along the edges, which boo. And definitely give fairy bread a go (with the H+T), they are awesome.

Vegetation, I don't mind the work involved in the sausage rolls. The grating is a bit of a pain, but the rest of it is no problem.

steph said...

Hey Johanna, I was really excited by the size of the fairy bread tower! It was very satisfying.

Hi Mihl, fairy bread is a staple of birthday parties in Australia, I don't think I ever went to a party when I was a kid that didn't have fairy bread! The cake was okay, but not amazing. I'm glad your boyfriend and his colleagues enjoyed it though!

Mandee said...

:O Are the standard 100's and 1000's we get here, vegan?! I'd always assumed they weren't but now I want to make fairy bread for the bake sale!

And yummy party food, when I read you'd made a My Sweet Vegan cake, I was like "yes, now you need to try it" as I haven't used that book at all, but now I am not sure if I will make it!

steph said...

I know the 100s and 1000s I have are vegan, I don't know which brand they are because I've put them into a separate jar.

Don't get disappointed by My Sweet Vegan! There are other recipes in there that I have really enjoyed (like the five minute fudge and the chai cheesecake), I think this was just personal preference more than anything.

Mandee said...

Oki, I will check the ones I can find and see which ones are vegan, I want to sell fairy bread at the bake sale!

sílvia said...

i had never heard of fairy bread... looks fun and delicious ^^