Sunday, 21 June 2009

quick mid-week meal: fry's vegan schnitzels + salad punctuated by fruit

Sometimes, you just can't be bothered spending more than ten minutes in the kitchen.

vegan schnitzel burger

Fry's has this great range of vegan products, schnitzels and burgers and things. They're individually wrapped, which makes me frown quite a lot, but as an occasional lazy treat I can deal with that. I've found them for sale in Woolworths, in the freezer section.

D has never been a big fan of "meat in a lump," (how D grew up in a mostly English household, I'll never understand) so we had this in a bun, spread with avocado, hommous and some delicious fried mushrooms. We also served it with a great salad, brimming with deliciousness (ie, avocado, spinach, carrot and mushrooms) and punctuated by some orange. I love adding fruit to salad, I don't know what it is, but a little fruit really adds something great to salad. I also like adding plum or pear to salad (but it always has to be fresh, it can't be canned).

light salad


eloise said...

we eat the fry's schnitzels from time to time. we went to PAWS today and they stock the nuggets, so we brought them home. they're not bad! not as incredibly amazing as i was led to believe, but rpetty damn good =)

steph said...

Eloise, PAWS is open on Sundays?!

eloise said...

Not normally (I don't think, anyway), but they had a gig that day (PAWSfest). Lots of punk bands, and the best cupcakes ever.

Have you been to their Monday night mwal thing yet? We went once and the food was really good. You pay by donation, and they just have a piggy bank on the desk to put money in, so no one looks at you funny if you don't put in enough (we feel guilty handing over anything less than $10 at Annalakshmi).

Their new site is so much better than the old one (even though it's just next door). Their prices are awesome too, when compared with online sources.