Thursday, 4 June 2009

leda golden crunch and choc chip biscuits

Leda makes these great gf fake tim-tams and mint slices. They're not identical, but they're better than nothing. I've blogged about them before!

D was out and about recently and found that Leda has started producing more varieties of biscuit.

leda cookies

These biscuits are okay, but not brilliant. Both the Golden Crunch and the Choc Chip are quite dry and flaky, and the Choc Chip leaves a funny aftertaste, I do wonder if it's due to the choc chips in the biscuit. It's nice to have a choc chip biscuit we can now buy in a shop, but my home made ones are far tastier, so I'll probably stick to just making them. These are about $5 a pack. D found them at Coles in Claremont Quarter.

leda cookies


Léna, said...

oo i havent seen those in the fancy "bakery" style packaging, i'll keep my eyes open for them, though you haven't given an encouraging review, i like knowing what store-bought options there are to tell my mum about which ones aren't so favourable etc...

the leda biscuits i like the most are this:
and their coconut counterpart which Al has taken a fancy for. i really like the gingernuts, good for dipping into tea etc and feeling homely and snug with.


Anonymous said...

i really like those choc chip ones, you can get them at the supa iga on stirling hwy and also at the iga in mt hawthorn... leda also make some even *more* expensive cookies with cream in the middles. they're delicious but from memory they're about $6 for a pack of 6.

Mandee said...

I LOVE the choc chip ones! I can eat a packet in like 2 days :)