Wednesday, 13 May 2009

leek and potato soup from soups for all seasons

leek and potato soup

I've been a lot under the weather, so on Monday we delved into Soups for All Seasons for some nourishing soups. We made the leek and potato soup. It was creamy and delicious, though D found it a little bland. I was okay with this, as I wasn't feeling fantastic by Monday night. The soup was also a little bit stringy. If we made it again we would cut the leek into rounds, rather than into lengths - the text was not specific, and I just chopped the leek the way I usually would, into lengths.

Overall, though, it was a very satisfactory experience. We served it up with some sourdough baguette, of which, it turns out, I am not actually fond.


Anonymous said...

Oh, that's no good!
Hope you're feeling better soon!

steph said...

Getting there! :o)