Tuesday, 24 March 2009

the vegie bar, fitzroy (victoria)

On Friday night we picked the Vegie Bar, not particularly because it's fantastic but because we had a number of non-vegoes coming to dinner, and the Vegie Bar always seems to be the choice in those instances. If anyone else has a better suggestion, I am open to them, please do not hesitate.

vegan burrito at the vegie bar

Because the dinner party was a bit impromptu, it wasn't until late Friday afternoon that I thought to book. Availing myself of the Optus connect number (which I loathe using), the Vegie Bar squeezed the ten of us in at 2030. Arriving later that evening, we were very glad we had thought to make a booking: the place was, as always, ridiculously chockas.

I'm not sure what I was expecting of the Vegan Supreme, but whilst it was perfectly serviceable it sat heavily in my stomach and I didn't enjoy the giant lumps of soy cheese, so I doubt I'll be eating that again. D's burrito on the other hand was incredibly delicious, quite tasty and D rolled out of there, full of deliciousness.

vegan supreme at the vegie bar

The Vegie Bar serves its purpose, but I do prefer other locations.

The Vegie Bar
378 Brunswick Street


Miss T said...

I love the Vegan Supreme! It's my favourite; I'm sad it didn't push your buttons too! I am really surpised that you got ten people in at 8:30 - the gods of vegan eatering must have been smiling on you! I was there last Friday and had a fine - just fine - vermicelli dish, and a waiter with some hardcore cheery attitude. I totally agree that VB serves its purpose, but no more.

Anonymous said...

It's hard with a group when so many places around here are small! Have you tried Trippy Taco yet?

steph said...

I can see why you like it, Miss T, but it just wasn't my thing! I really do think it was the overabundance of soy cheese.

Fitzroyalty, I have not tried Trippy Taco, but it is on my list of places to try soon! I have heard it is great.

bunchesmcginty said...

Eugh, so not a fan of Vegie Bar. Filling of the belly, but boring on the tastebuds.
And over the years, they no longer care for the texture of their food.

steph said...

Yeah, I'm definitely thinking I won't bother with the Vegie Bar again. I've been hearing not-great things about flavour and texture all around the place.

Theresa said...

Yeah, I was relatively unimpressed with the VegieBar, which was really surprising given how crowded it was. Also, I think it was a bit too "hip" for me. But the food is okay, I guess!

Unknown said...

yeah. not a fan...
you MUST try trippy taco. it will blow your mind