Friday, 20 March 2009

melbourne uni noms

After managing to miss our flight to Melbourne (not our fault, thanks, Qantas), D + I managed to rebook on the next one. This meant that there was no food for us, nothing in the airport except fruit and nothing on the plane except bread. We landed in Melbourne and were swept away to deliver Essie to Uni Melb, by which time it was 1630 Melbourne time and we'd had nothing to eat all day but watermelon and oreos.

Castros ordinarily provides vegan pies, but had sold out for the day and we made do with a vegan apple muffin. Essie wandered off to class and we were bursting with sugar, so we meandered over to Union House where we found the Co-Op still open, and serving lentil soup with rice. It was delicious and super satisfying.

Hello Melbourne!

lentil soup and rice at uni melb co-op


bunchesmcginty said...

Should have shown you the Food Co-op. They do amazing vegan everything.

For cheap cheap!

steph said...

I was pretty happy with the lentil thing! I wish my uni had a food co-op that would be awesome.