Saturday, 21 March 2009

east brunswick club (east brunswick, victoria)

vegan nachoes at the east brunswick club

Having heard so much about the East Brunswick Club, on Thursday we wandered in for an early dinner. The thing I love about the EBC is that it's trashy pub food in an average pub, but there's a whole heap of vegan stuff on the menu (and a vegan meal of the day). It's just so exciting, given in pubs we usually have to settle for wedges or chips.

vegan parma at ebc

I tried the vegan parma, which I'd heard wasn't fantastic but I used to love parma, it was my trashy cafe standard and I was excited to give it a go. It was quite tasty! Obviously fake meaty but still really good.

SJ had the fish and chips, which were suitably fishy - kind of creepily fishy, in fact. D had the nachoes, which were super delicious and massive, with vegan sour cream and everything.

EBC has vegan desserts, but we were too full to give it a go! Alas, etc.

vegan fish and chips at ebc

East Brunswick Club
280 Lygon Street
East Brunswick


Anonymous said...

Makes me wish I lived in Oz! (Well, actually, I wish I lived there, anyway. . . but the food DOES look scrumptious!). ;)

Anonymous said...

Holy moly, they look so good! Could you tell what the fish was made of - tofu?

Cindy said...

Welcome to Melbourne! You definitely had the right attitude for appreciating the EBC. It really is trashy pub food, albeit at its vegan best.

Such a shame you couldn't fit in dessert. The 'cheese'cakes really are something!

steph said...

Hi Ricki! Do you really wish you live in Oz? It's pretty awesome. :o)

steph said...

elektra-lite, sorry, but I don't know what the fish was made of! I'll check with SJ and see if she can remember.

steph said...

Cindy, it was so goooood. I really wanted to try the brownies, actually, but I was just so full I couldn't do it. Alas! Perhaps there will be another opportunity.

s-j said...


I'm sure someone else has a better idea but I don't think the fish was tofu or, if it was tofu, it had been highly processed with other things. I do know that the "skin" strip was nori.

*is not very helpful*

Anonymous said...

Thanks anyway SJ! I'm hopefully going there shortly, so I'll try to discern this mysterious "fish" when I'm there...

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I'm the old head chef of the East Brunswick Club and I wrote the menu. So I can tell you that the fish is a made up of a mixture of soy protein and gluten.

Anonymous said...
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