Monday, 2 March 2009

diva cafe, mt lawley

vege breakfast no eggs, no ricotta, with tomato at Diva Cafe

Met up with Christine for a mid-morning breakfast yesterday, at Diva Cafe. We all had the vegetarian breakfast, no eggs, no ricotta, and D and I ordered some tomatoes to go with the marinated capsicum, spinach, mushrooms, avocado and toast. I love fresh avocado on toast for breakfast, so fantastic. The meal was tasty, the capsicum quite good and the mushies also. They do fresh orange juice, which I always appreciate. Service was okay, our meals and drinks were quite prompt, but our empty plates sat in front of us for about an hour before someone came to take them away, and though we sat there for three hours, chatting in the morning sun, nobody offered us anything extra to drink, which I thought was a bit odd, given they didn't seem super busy.

I would eat there for breakfast again, but probably not before I try some of the other places along that end of Beaufort Street.

Diva Cafe
49 Beaufort St
Mount Lawley


muchlove said...

Thanks for the comment and the outfit suggestions!

and mmm... that gado-gado in the previous post makes me crave for one!

Angie said...

It's great to know that restaurants and cafes cater to all. Have you ever found it difficult to get a vegan meal at a restaurant or cafe before?

steph said...

Hey Angie,

It can be difficult to get a vegan meal. Sometimes I know I'm just going to be eating 'winner' (wedges for dinner). Recently D has experienced several 'secret cheese' meals, those meals where one is assured by the wait staff that it is free of cheese but you get the meal and it is clearly not. But I tend to just take it in my stride, and not go back. I know some vegans call in advance, and that works for them, but I only do that if I am going to a restaurant for a reason (eg, it's my cousin's birthday and he invited thirty people and we're going to a restaurant), because you're more likely to get a great meal if you go someplace that's willingly thinking outside the box, as it were, as opposed to someone who is only doing it because they have to.