Thursday, 26 March 2009

coco loco, northcote (victoria)

The reason for our whirlwind trip to Melbourne was to celebrate the birthday of our friend Amanda. It was her wish to have a Deadwood themed birthday party at Coco Loco, and we were only too happy to oblige, so we rocked on over in our waistcoats with our neck-kerchiefs, and SJ baked a delicious vegan and gluten-free cake shaped like a can of peaches.

A great number of the things on the Coco Loco menu are vegan without even trying. The presentation is beautiful and the waitstaff are quite helpful. They didn't even charge us cakeage! But it is not a fast evening, we ordered about 1930, and the last in our party of 20 received their crepes at about 2200. The owner literally made every single drink and every single item of food, it was delicious but oh so rich and certainly the size was perhaps a shock (ie the items were quite small), but given the quality of the food it is not so much of a surprise.

crepe with seasonal banana at coco loco

We also had a bit of an issue with our booking, by which I mean the booking was made a month ago and subsequently lost, though in the end all was okay. It is for these reasons that I am hesitant to give it a hearty recommendation: it was an enjoyable evening, spent with my Melbourne-based friends, and the quality of consumables was very high (though quite rich and in some instances somewhat bitter), but the experience was perhaps not the best of recent memory.

I understand that takeaway can be quite good, though by the time you get home to eat it the crepes are cold and allegedly not so delicious.

Coco Loco
219 High St


Rachel said...

I think I might have to move to Melbourne, or at least visit. Yum!

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Bee said...

thanks a lot, it helps when we are new at melbourne!
This town is wonderful and melburnians very sweet