Thursday, 5 June 2008

sebastian's italian cafe


Since we've been vegan, we've not been much for Italian restaurants, for obvious reasons of the Italian love affair with cheese and eggs. Sebastian's was no exception, we went there for a 21st and there was nothing on the menu that was vegan (or modifiable to vegan), the pasta and the pizza bases were all made with egg. Having surveyed the menu online, I called two days in advance, and was told this was not the case, we could just order a pizza with no cheese and we'd be fine. The birthday girl's mother called ahead, and was told there was nothing they could do, they'd have to make a salad or two up for us. On the night, they made us an entree of mushrooms and a pasta from packet pasta that they had (there had been a vegan in the previous night, apparently).

The mushrooms were fantastic, sauteed in a garlic and chili oil. The pasta was very average, a flavourless tomato sauce covering a huge amount of vegetables and some penne that fell apart as I stabbed it with my fork. Neither of these things are on the menu, and it's the first time I've really felt that urge to call in advance.

I was unimpressed with our waitress; when I asked, "does it have egg?" she said, "I'll check," took two steps away then two steps back and asked, "Do you have an allergy?" As if it matters, which it shouldn't. Seriously.

This is not a good restaurant for vegans, even though the chefs seemed quite delightful (my father in law went wandering into the kitchen with my camera, and they were happy to chat with him). I am hesitant to recommend any restaurant that has nothing on the menu that can even be modified for vegans, as delicious as the mushrooms were. The restaurant is very good for gluten-free, though, which was why we went there.

Sebastian's Italian Cafe
851 Albany Hwy
East Victoria Park

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