Tuesday, 3 June 2008

sawadee, subiaco

Two restaurant reviews in a row!

delicious takeout from sawadee

When we move, there will be many new local places we have to find. A new local (I suspect it will be the Queens), a new provider of kway teow, a new kebab bar. We won't have to find a new Thai restaurant, but more on that later.

I will miss Sawadee, though. Sad though it is, I've ordered exactly the same thing every time I've visited for the last two years: green vegetable curry, vegetarian spring rolls, and pad thai with no meat and no egg. This is not something I do at any other restaurant! Though part of this repeat ordering is that there's only half a dozen vegetarian dishes on the menu, and these three dishes are always delicious, both take-away and dine-in, and we may visit occasionally, perhaps.

Sawadee Restaurant
279 Rokeby Rd

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