Wednesday, 25 June 2008

back blog: orgran lemon and poppy seed cake mix

heart muffins

We moved house, so cooking has been a bit light on, and although there has been quite a lot of take out, there haven't been a lot of photos. Instead, I'd like to take this opportunity to talk about Orgran's lemon and poppyseed cake mix. We were at an engagement party recently, where we were delighted to find little "vegan" signs on every thing that was vegan-friendly. These cupcakes were soft and delightful, and we later discovered that our friends were assisted in the provision of cupcakes by Orgran.

These were baked by non-vegans who are sometimes confused by the process, so I'm going to remember this for the future, for when people say, "I would have baked it vegan but I got confused!" The really great thing about these cupcakes though, is obviously the presentation: love heart shaped cupcakes just look really great! I have been inspired to buy an awesome new tray of my own, just as soon as I get my kitchen back in order.

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