Thursday, 26 June 2008

sausages inna bun

sausage inna bun

We've been lamenting the loss of puff pastry, of sausage rolls and jaffle pies and savoury pastries and other things that are provided at work meetings that are completely inedible by us, covered as they are in cheese and usually filled with meat. Yesterday this came to a head as I sat in a morning meeting, surrounded by people munching away on cheese and tomato pastries and sausage rolls (sausage rolls are compulsory at all meetings at my place of employment, even at 0930).

I spent the day thinking of things that we could roll in puff pastry, mashed pumpkin and potato and similar, and I googled for vegan sausage roll mixture recipes, but in the end it was D who came up with this simple and tasty method.

A quick trip to the Woolworths on Murray Street after work saw me equipped with a packet of Sanitarium traditional vegie sausages and a packet of Borg's puff pastry (on the package it says suitable for vegans, but I checked anyway) (also suitable for ASSIMILATION OMG). I used a quarter of a sheet per sausage, and rolled and tucked the excess under the sausage, which formed the base. This gave me six little piggies in blankets, which I baked for 20 minutes at 180C.

During baking, I and my lovely assistant D mashed sweet potatoes, fried some mushrooms and sliced some avocado. The entire process took about half an hour, with a lot of that just sitting around waiting for the buzzer to go off. It was quick and easy, and biting into the little sausages in buns left puff pastry flaking everywhere and the familiar taste of sausage rolls in my mouth. So I declare this experiment a success!

I find that the secret to making quick and simple foods really awesome is the stuff you add, the little extras like the five minutes to fry mushrooms in a little nuttelex and olive oil.


Anonymous said...

Sanitarium used to do a really tasty vegetarian sausage roll mix, although I have no idea if it was vegan. Unfortunately the internet seems to suggest that they no longer carry it, so the point is moot anyway.

a vegan about town said...

Alas! Look at you, getting my hopes up only to dash them terribly.