Thursday, 26 June 2008

little chutney's, subiaco (part two)

dosa at little chutney's

I’ve blogged about visiting Little Chutney’s before, but breakfasts are quite different from dinners in Perth, and it was with delight that I discovered that Little Chutney’s breakfast menu features a masala dosa.

Sunday morning breakfast with The Breakfast Club is usually a leisurely affair, meeting at 0900 by which point I’m famished and any service seems to take a lifetime. So when I say the service is sometimes tardy, perhaps I’m being harsh, but having been there for dinner a few times, I suspect it’s not just my desperation that finds the speed of service sub-optimal.

However if I am to be truthful, for Little Chutney’s to meet my verdict of excellent breakfast, all they need to do is provide me with the masala dosa, the dosa crisp and the potatoes flavoursome, with the onions starting to caramelize and the rasam tart and spicy. And breakfast dosa at Little Chutney’s is all of these things, an excellent way to start the day.

The breakfast menu indicates gluten-free dishes, which is nice, and features fusion dishes (not vegan) for your friends who don’t understand that curry is one of the best breakfasts you can have (these friends are wrong).

The cost for morning beverages is about average, and the dosa is $12.50 which is fairly reasonable for a filling breakfast.

The dosa does also come with a little dish filled with a creamy thing, I always forget to order the dosa without it, but as far as I know that is not vegan.

Little Chutney's
67 Rokeby Rd


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Kate Quinn said...

Hi there :)

I've eaten at Little Chutneys before, and gave them advance notice of my Vegan requirements, and they were able to adapt quite a few recipes to suit! I was quite impressed!
Curry for breakfast sounds very scrummy :)