Monday, 12 May 2008

things that are tasty and simple: burgers

Burgers are such an easy, tasty option, but they can be rife with concerns. Will my burger have onions in it? Will they put beetroot in it? Critically, will it be served with chips?

At home burgers have become a lazy meal, mostly because I've yet to perfect the art of patty making. This is convenient, as I'm stressed and busy and have little time for my usual one to two hour stints in the kitchen this week. For now we use the Pappa Nutal's chickpea patties, and they are delicious. I like to spread a thick layer of avocado across the bottom bun, and layer from biggest filling (patty) to smallest (grated carrot), and I love to watch it fall apart as I take that first bite.

a burger


Stewart Smith said...

If you like chips but prefer to do it yourself, don't want to deepfry and just want to be lazy about it, a good thing I do is basically do roast potato, but in chip shapes. I also use a really nice potato (i'm addicted to Dutch Cream potatoes). If you have a real solid dish you can also use on the stove, it can be good to start frying them a bit on the stove before popping into the oven.

Turns out delicious, no doubt less fatty than deep frying or using oven fry chips and a much better quality potato.

Oh, and if you want a bit of a variation on tomato sauce, stir in some curry powder into tomato sauce. This is amazingly delicious (trust me, try it).

a vegan about town said...

No, tomato + curry powder does sound delicious, I believe you!

And thanks for the baked potato idea, if it is really that easy (and still tasty) then I look forward to giving it a go! The big problem for me is that baked chips (for example, the sort you buy from the freezer section and bake at home) are rarely as tasty as fried chips.