Thursday, 15 May 2008

the adventures of d and veganomicon

veganomicon (again)

I get a strange level of excitement whenever D reaches for one of my cookbooks, and starts looking for things to cook. I’ve been completely overwhelmed with assignments this week, so D’s been doing the cooking to take up the slack, and although has some fantastic staples D’s been trying new things and it’s all very exciting.

lentil and tarragon soup

On Tuesday D cooked the French lentil and tarragon soup from Veganomicon. We didn’t have any French lentils so we subbed in brown lentils, and also managed to spill lentils all over the stovetop, which has made for interesting patterns. This was served with fresh Turkish bread from Ararat Kebabs, which I hope to review before we move but which makes very tasty falafel kebabs and pides. D complained that some extra water should have been added a little earlier in the process, and was put off by the very strong flavour, but I really enjoyed it and was happy to eat the rest for lunch the next day.

Yesterday D cooked the pumpkin saag, also from Veganomicon. The pumpkin was soft and I really enjoyed the flavour of this, and that this was the recipe of choice demonstrates the way D's dedication to cooking outstrips mine – I would never have bothered roasting the pumpkin first, I probably would have just cheated and boiled it. The secret to my cooking is that I am very lazy, as much as I love it, and the associated mess.


So Veganomicon is going well! That’s two cookies, now, and a handful of dinners, and I’m quite pleased, though I am still having some concerns (which will come later, when I give a proper book review).


Anonymous said...

I'm very interested to hear Aussie opinions on Veganomicon. I've put off buying it for some time because I'm not sure about it...! VwaV was good, but more junk-food-sugary-ish than I like.

a vegan about town said...

I'm hoping to have the opportunity to review it this coming week, after all my assignments have been handed in. Like I said, I've had some concerns that I'd like to talk about, but I've also had some good experiences, too! So I'd like to try a few more recipes and see how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Will be reading your veganomicon experiences with interest!