Friday, 9 July 2010

tiba's lebanese restaurant, brunswick

Last week, while I was sulking around and attending my cantonese class, Danni went out for dinner at Tiba's, just down the road from our house.

falafel plate at Tiba's

Danni ordered the felafal plate. She reports that it was very nice: the felafals were well made, and the and the hommus and babaganoush were nice. She's not sure what the bright purple things were, but they were tangy. This meal usually comes with yoghurt, which Danni swapped out for the babaganoush.

Also there was apparently heaps of bread to share, to bulk up the meal a little bit.

Yet more good times in which I don't get to participate! Sad face!

Tiba's Lebanese Restaurant
504 Sydney Road


Jackie said...

I believe the pink things are pickled turnip.

Also, I love Tiba's! I get lunch there pretty regular (though not quite as regularly as Tabets, who do a fabulous spinach pie for $2.70).

Miss T said...

Def pickled turnips and they are it and a bit. The felafel van at camberwell market has them and lets you request extra.

nixwilliams said...

yes, turnip!

let's go there together soon! x

Toby said...

We always go there with K's family.