Sunday, 25 July 2010

some sunday reading

orange burst

Sausage-addicted kookaburra too fat to fly
TOO many tasty sausages almost killed this kookaburra.

But health worries weren't the threat. She became so obese from barbecue handouts she could not fly when attacked by dogs in a Mosman park.
THANKS, HUMANS, is what the kookaburra should be thinking.

Animals Australia: Exposing poultry's dark side, a broiler chicken investigation.
An investigation into one of Australia's largest chicken meat producers that supplies major retail outlets has revealed routine and shocking animal abuse. Every year in Australia 488 million chickens endure brutally short and undeniably cruel lives inside factory farms. Animals Australia's investigation video shows baby birds suffering from heart disease, lameness, thirst, starvation and trampling inside a shed packed with over 40,000 birds.
Telling An Old, Old Story: Animal Cruelty and Human Violence at This Ain't Livin'.

At the Huffington Post, Veg and the City: My Beef With Locavores, on the growing anti-vegetarian component of locavoreishness, and what that means.

And Be Happy About the Octopus, about Paul the Octopus and how he started receiving death threats, and what that means.

I finished reading Eating Animals, and I have plans to watch Food, Inc this week. So more on those soon!

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