Wednesday, 14 July 2010

middle-eastern noms

I am not very good at making hommus or felafal. I am yet to successfully do so - usually I just get Gen (at FoE) to make it for me. But it turns out what I really should be doing is getting Jo to make it for me!

falafel, tabouli, hommus, bread and salad

Even though it has been really cold, we somehow decided on one particularly chilly evening that we'd have what is effectively summer food. Jo made some hommus and some felafal and a mushroom and capsicum salad, and Danni spent an age chopping parsley for a taboulli. Which, in interesting news, I should note that I don't usually like taboulli, it usually makes me feel sick, but this one I had no problems with! So that was exciting (and delicious).

Homemade Tabouli

It's funny how rarely we engage in Middle-Eastern noms, given where we live ( area very heavily populated by Middle-Eastern restaurants and grocers...50m from my front door I can buy hummous in a can. HOMMUS IN A CAN). Eating this meal, and Danni's recent visit to Tiba's, reminded me how delicious and easy this food can be. And also I bet it is really great picnic food.

Homemade Hommus

Mmmm hommus. Maybe this post will get updated with a recipe. Or maybe not. Maybe you will all just have to ask Jo over to make this hommus for you.


Joanne said...

It's not the kind of thing I use a recipe for - you just have to adjust the quantities of the minor ingredients little by little until it tastes the way you prefer.

I will give you an ingredients list for this particular hommous, though:
Tinned chickpeas, extra virgin olive oil, hulled tahini, fresh lemon juice, very finely diced raw garlic, salt, ground cumin, cayenne pepper.

Anonymous said...

i recently made this sweet potato felafel and was blown away by how easy and delicious it was, give it a shot and you'll never make the ordinary kind again! i had to use way more besan flour than they recommend, but as the recipe says just add it gradually until you get a good firm texture. love the blog!

vegiebug said...

Snap! I just blogged about almost this exact same meal earlier this week :D Hummus is so simple and yet so delicious! Your set up looks tasty.

Theresa said...

Wow, that tabbouleh looks amazing. And the drizzle of oil on the top of the hummus - so beautiful! That looks like a delicious feast.

Vicki said...

I saw those cans of hummus last week - weird!
Your meal looks great.

Johanna GGG said...

I am like you - when I have middle eastern I love it but too often I just don't think to have it!

The hummus from the original Moosewood cookbook is the one I have always used and it is so easy I hardly have to look at the recipe (but I found the lighter version in the revised cookbook wasn't as good - not enough tahini). It is on my blog if you want a look.

steph said...

Thanks Jo! :o)

Anonymous, sweet potato felafal sounds delicious! I will definitely try it!

@vegiebut in fact, your post reminded me that I had yet to blog about mine!

nixwilliams said...

the tinned hummous is actually Not Bad At All, especially if you add some extra lemon juice/garlic/tahini/smashed chickpeas to make it a bit fresher. nom nom nom.

Sílvia said...


I usually make tabouleh with mint instead of parsley. It tastes GREAT, maybe you could give it a try ;)