Tuesday, 29 June 2010

triple threat chocolate cheeze cake from my sweet vegan

triple layer chocolate cheezecake

This chocolate cheezecake (from My Sweet Vegan, pg126) was so incredibly rich, if you look at the photo you can see where the vegetable fats started to separate. I think our oven was too hot (it often is), or the cake didn't need quite so long, because it was a little over cooked.

Although it has three layers, it was not overly complicated or time consuming, though I did have to do a lot of mixing. Hooray for the Bamix! I didn't make many mods - I used Nice biscuits, like I usually do with cheezecake, and I'm not positive that I used granulated sugar (often I use caster sugar instead).

It was so rich, I refused to eat it later in the week.

Next time I make this, I will a) allow myself more time (it was still warm when we went to eat it a few hours later), and b) use the leda chocolate tim tam things, in order to make it gluten free.

I really like My Sweet Vegan, I've made some delicious things from it. Highly recommended!


Kate said...

Hi Steph!

You're Melb vego outings is making me jealous! The scene seems so much bigger than here in Perth. Do you recommend the move?


Toby said...

too rich sounds good to me :-)

do you have an oven thermometer? if not I strongly recommend one it was the best $5 i spent (kristy being lazy again)

steph said...

Hi Kate! Melb vego outings are totally awesome. I do recommend the move, though right now all I can think of is how cold it is here!

Kristy, I do not have an oven thermometer, but it is now on the list of purchases required!

Hayley said...

Oh wow, that looks like an acute case of potential death by chocolate. A risk I would be very willing to take!

Johanna GGG said...

looks intensely delicious - but one for sharing