Wednesday, 5 October 2011

breakfast at the vegie bar

I have been feeling really good about the Vegie Bar lately, so when my friend Claire was in town recently I thought I'd take her there for breakfast.


vegan french toast at the vegie bar

I went to the Vegie Bar for breakfast about a year and a half ago, and at the time the vegan options were pretty dire. But Vegie Bar has been doing such great things with its daytime and dinner menu lately, I thought it was worth a go. If anything, it is worse than it was before, with this vegan french toast the only vegan item on the menu. ONE VEGAN BREAKFAST. At a vego restaurant! When I asked if I could turn an egg dish into a tofu dish, I was told "no, only on special days." Even Tom Phat does better than that.

The french toast was fine, but there were three of us and we all had to order the same thing. After we'd ordered, I remembered we could have gone to Las Vegan Nirvana instead, and I was filled with regrets.

previous visits: i and ii and iii and iv

The Vegie Bar
378 Brunswick Street


Anonymous said...

I;ve gotta say it still looks pretty damn good though said...

That's annoying, I hate it when veggie places only have one vegan option.

steph said...

yeah it was delicious, but if i wanted to have no options on the menu i didn't need to travel so far.