Friday, 21 October 2011

After my eventual first visit to New Day Rising, I was very quick to return yesterday with Danni and Fi in tow!

Danni and Fi both went the CLT, with Danni also trying out one of the vegan muffins (orange and date - so soft and delicious!). I decided to try the beans, which were great. I'd been worried they'd be too fennel-y, but they were just perfect, with a flavour I enjoyed and just enough avocado and bread (three pieces, one is hiding) to soak things up. The vegan beans come with tahini, which allegedly make a nice addition but which I forgot to add! I do wish people would stop giving me rocket though. It is the worst. :o(

New Day Rising
221d Blyth Street
Brunswick East

super easy to get to at the end of the 96 tram (not an accessible stop); the venue is tiiiiny and crowded with little maneuverability; the toilet is around the corner and outside. all ordering is at the table (mostly because it's too tiny to go anywhere). cash only!


jessy said...

i'm not a fennel fan, so hooray for non-fennely beans! might i also add i'm not the biggest arugula fan either. people here in rva go crazy for arugula, but i say, "keep your peppery, bitter stuff to yourself!". that is one awesome look'n plate of yum though! said...

That looks like an awesome plate of food & 3 slices of bread is definitely a win, i hate when places are stingy with the toast!

Fiona said...

Excuse me but I think you'll find that rocket is in fact the best. By far.

Lizzie said...

Next time you go try the bircher. Its awesome too. Such a great wee place! I'm so pleased its my local.