Saturday, 5 December 2009

vegan chicken kiev at the east brunswick club, east brunswick

Tonight at the East Brunswick Club, I ate a vegan chicken parma (featured below).

vegan parma at ebc

This is because the vegan chicken kiev is so popular, with its parsley and buttery filling oozing out, that the non-vegans have been ordering it, too. So although it was on the specials board tonight, they had SOLD OUT.

It's on the specials board, no idea for how long or how often. I had it about three weeks ago, and it was AMAZING. Really really tasty. Try it, and then give them great feedback, in the hopes that it will appear all the time. It's expensive ($20) but giant, and absolutely worth it.


Theresa said...

Their vegan parma is great, so I can just imagine how good the kiev is. You make it sound so wonderful!

steph said...

It is great! I was very disappointed to not try it again!