Thursday, 17 December 2009

big mouth, st kilda

We might be doing St Kilda incorrectly - after all this time, the only notable vegetarian eatery at which we've dined is Lentil as Anything.

We've eaten at Big Mouth twice, though. The first time, on the grounds that the menu contained a vegan burger (it did not). The second visit was because Lentil as Anything was closed, and we were very, very hungry.

fries at bigmouth

The first time, I ordered these chips. "Are you sure?" cautioned the waitress, who didn't believe I could eat the chips and my meal. I will confess that she was almost correct - the portion size of these chips is significant, and we did struggle, but they are delicious.

In fact, G, on his recent visit to Melbourne, declared the Big Mouth chips more delicious than the Lord of the Fries chips (though he concedes this could have been because LotF chips were talked up). The great thing about these chips are the spices on them, giving a really great flavour.

lentil soup at big mouth

There are only a small number of items on the Big Mouth menu that are vegan or easily veganisable. As a result, on both visits D and I have ordered one of two dishes, and swapped halfway. Featured here is the Surjit's Bowl, a lentil soup. It is delicious, and served with a side of roti. On the menu it comes with yoghurt, so you need to order it without. We have also sampled the Indian Kitchen, a chickpea curry, which is heavy on the vegetables and the coconut milk, so quite rich and heavy, but not overwhelmingly so.


Big Mouth
168 Acland St
St Kilda

Open 7 days
GF options available


Anonymous said...

Hi, great blog, have just started reading! Just wanted to say that a lot of hot chips are considered vegan by shops because the shop uses vegatable oil for deep frying, but often the chips come pre-cooked before they're frozen, and the pre-cooking is often in tallow. Obviously not a problem if the chips are cut in the shop though. Not sure about the origin of Big Mouth's chips.

Soup looks great!

Lizzie said...

You should try Soul Mama on the beachfront.
Its vegetarian/vegan
I love it :)