Sunday, 27 December 2009

christmas day noms

This was our first Christmas away from our immediate families. Usually it's all go go go, from Christmas Eve through to sometime Boxing Day, but not being in close proximity to family meant that in the end, we had a very quiet couple of days.

After a very simple breakfast of field mushrooms on toast, I got started on some cooking and D got started on some cleaning (pausing every three minutes to send another IM). I prepared filling for Cindy and Michael's revolutionary vegan sausage rolls (vausage rolls) on Christmas Eve, but that was the extent of my advance preparations.

Pimms #1

I'd not prepared a roast meal before, not on my own, so I smsed D's mum to ask her advice regarding roasted potatoes, drank some Pimms, and then got started.

chocolate coated cherries

In the meantime, our guests turned up, with delicious supplies! JS brought these amazing and simple cherries, which had been dipped in melted Lindt chocolate, and then frozen. The ice in the middle of the cherries made this simply superb, and I ate a lot of them.


She also provided some wreath-shaped brushetta! These were served with tofutti cream cheese, tomato, spring onions, capers, and parsley, and were also amazing!

roast pumpkin and field mushies

A trick I learnt from my dear friend Dr.G is the roasting of giant field mushrooms, so when I saw some for sale at the markets on Thursday, I knew that they would be added to the roasting pan. I also roasted butternut pumpkin, and potato.

table setting

Other additions to our lunch time feast were potato salad, pasta salad, the Sanitarium vegie roast thing, and of course the vausage rolls. It was all of deliciousness!


We rounded out the meal with fresh berries and sorbet.

Finally, much later in the day, D and I ventured outside of the house to Enlightened Cuisine, where we had delicious Chinese noms for a moderately filling dinner with Kristy and Toby.

Hooray! I love whole days of eating.


Johanna GGG said...

that all looks so delicious - I love the cherries and wreaths but I also think your potatoes looks wonderfully crispy and the berries and sorbet look gorgeous

steph said...

The potatoes worked a treat! Crispy on the outside, deliciously creamy on the inside. I was really happy with them.

Ricki said...

Sounds like a great way to spend the day (and those cherries sound phenomenal). Glad you had such a nice time! :)

Miss T said...

How cute are the bruschetta wreaths! I think I'll appropriate them :) And I have also been very tempted to try chocolate-dipped cherries after seeing those supermarket ads...

steph said...

Thanks Ricki!

Miss T, they were all so easy and adorable and delicious! Appropriate away, I'm sure J won't mind. :o)

lisa said...

What a feast - looks fantastic!