Monday, 6 October 2008

perth loves earth, perth esplanade

The Perth Loves Earth Festival was held at the Perth Esplanade on Saturday. It was a day filled with intermittant rain, so the turnout was a bit low. There weren't a huge amount of stalls, just the ones you'd expect: PAWS, ARA, PACAT, Sea Sheppard. The food stalls were all shop-based, the Krishnas, Soul Tree and One World Cuisine. The highlight was a random little stall that was selling home-made vegan cakes and bikkies. The carrot cake was fantastic, we even took a couple of pieces home.

another vegan carrot cake

We've been meaning to trek up to Soul Tree for a while now, but have yet to wander up there. They were selling burgers, and they were incredibly tasty. We're thinking of making a day trip up the hill one day soon, perhaps going for a wander through John Forrest National Park (which is quite close by).

soultree vegan burger

I wasn't sure going in what the festival was going to be like. It was interesting to have a poke around, and I firmly believe in the ideal behind it, that vegetarianism is essential to environmental sustainability, but I didn't learn anything new. The festival itself was mostly just attended by hippies, and spoken word poetry is not the way to reach out to people who aren't already living the lifestyle.

There's a sustainability fair being held this coming Sunday in Floreat, and I'm pretty confident it will go too far the other way, though - it will be all about PV and alternate energies rather than changing your life. I'll still go, in the hopes that I'll be pleasantly surprised, but I don't expect to get any delicious vegan cakes, for starters.


Sarah said...

I went to that festival and had the carrot cake. AMAZING! Do you know who those ladies were? We've been trying to get into contact with them because a friend of mine is starting a vegan cafe. My boyfriend ate all the icing off my piece and he doesn't even like sweets. So good!

I was really disappointed in the attendance and advertisement for that festival though. So sad and small :-(

a vegan about town said...

It was such great carrot cake! Unfortunately I have no idea who the ladies were, have you tried contacting the people who ran the festival? If you can't find them though, I could volunteer! I make a pretty mean cake! (and my icing abilities have improved phenomenally in the last few months ;p )

Yeah, I was disappointed with the attendance as well - it had the feeling of a crazy hippy festival, which is not what I was hoping for, especially when you see attendance at things like WVD in Melbourne and stuff.

Sarah said...

Yes, we did contact the organiser. He just shrugged and said he wasn't sure! Boo!

Amy runs the Om Nama Vegan Association. I am sure she would love a cake helper :-) I think I'll help with cupcakes!