Saturday, 18 October 2008

annie's bread stall, fremantle markets

vegan pasty (left) and vegan samosa (right)

Wandered down to Freo today to see MV Doulos, the floating bookstore. I love the idea of a ship that is a bookstore, sailing around the worlds bringing books and person-power to various countries. That's awesome! The bookstore itself was a bit average (and quite filled with books on Christianity), but it was, after all, a bookstore on a ship.

Popped by the markets to see if there was anything new and interesting (there wasn't). Passing by Annie's Bread Stall, we noticed a tiny sign indicating vegan pasties and samosas, and they were gigantic. We felt we had to try them, though we were full, so we saved them for later.

Having now eaten them for dinner (and our dinner now languishing in the fridge), they were pretty tasty! The flavour of the samosa in particular was pretty good. The pasty was a little too spinachy and unexpectedly mushroomy, but still good! And it's always lovely to find the surprise of random vegan food when out and about.

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lisa said...

I love stumbling onto random vegan stuff too - and that pastie looks amazing. Score!