Saturday, 3 July 2010

chilli fries at the ebc

chilli fries at the ebc

I had a bit of a break from the EBC, but now I'm totally back in to it again. Their specials haven't been inspiring me lately, but I'm very interested in visiting on a weekend to try out their breakfast menu, which Vicki said was pretty awesome. Three types of vegan pancake! Also, $12 jugs of beer with "breakfast." Not that I drink beer, but I think the EBC knows its clientele.

ANYWAY, the last visit wasn't about breakfast, it was about dinner, after bawling my eyes out at Toy Story 3 (IT WAS SAD, OKAY. I AM NOT MADE OF STONE) ("THAT'S *MISTER* EVIL DOCTOR PORKCHOP TO YOU"), and it was about chilli fries.

Delicious fries, covered in black bean nacho toppings. It was super delicious. It wasn't what I was expecting - I was thinking more of something like Trippy Taco's fries, but it was still two of my favourite things combined in one: potatoes, and nacho toppings. OH YEAH.

EBC visits: one; two; three; four.

East Brunswick Club
280 Lygon Street
East Brunswick


vegiebug said...

YUM! man oh man that Mr Potato head as a tortilla was absolutely hilarious! :D

Rachel said...

I honestly don't think anyone could leave Toy Story without a tear in the eye :)

and that looks delish.

steph said...

@vegiebug, I loved Mr Potato Head tortilla!

@rachel, I loved it! :o) (both the movie and the dish)