Thursday, 22 July 2010

gluten-free derby snacks

On Saturday Jo, Em, Danni and I joined K and Toby and two of their friends at roller derby. Well, maybe they joined us. Or something. WE ALL WENT TOGETHER.

i heart roller derby

Derby bouts are always a bit epic, having to stand in the queue for a million years, elbowing away for space, having to put up with the smell of sausages and really bad toilets, but this one was twice as epic, because there were two bouts, starting at five and finishing about nine. RIGHT OVER DINNER TIME. So we prepped up with goodies.

rice balls

I made some rice balls. There were more than featured here! I basically smushed together some cooked rice with some tomatoes, a little bit of onion, some herbs and some mashed chickpeas. Cashews would also have been a good addition. Then I baked them for a while, until they were golden. Seen here with some sweet chilli sauce that Vicki left at my house and I keep forgetting to give back.

sushi by jo

Jo made some sushi. Mmmm sushi.

sweetie snacks at derby

Em made some citrus cookies, that were light and fluffy and kind of like eating cake. CAKE COOKIES. It's like a world of revelation.

K made some of Cindy's peanut butter rice bubble chocolate slice things, maybe one of them will link me to the recipe (I always seem to be saying that lately...). These were delicious! Whilst I was at friends of the earth earlier in the day, I picked up some raw chocolate truffles to go along with the snacks.

Bringing food makes it a lot more fun! Yay!


vegiebug said...

Mmm sushi! everything looks delish! i love picnic food :D

Johanna GGG said...

that food looks so good it would almost convince me it would be worth donning roller skates for it - almost but not even such good food could convince me to put wheels on my feet

K said...

This is the recipe: but I used gf rice bubbles

em said...

I completely agree with you -- food enhances the derby experience trifold! Your rice ball thingies were so tasty!

shokuiku said...

Hey, these are my chocolate truffles!
check out my blog