Tuesday, 13 July 2010

accidentally vegan: mr potato crisps 'malaysian curry'

Sometimes, ninja vegan food appears in the oddest of shapes. The most intriguing of recent weeks was these chips my friend W found when she was cruising her local Chinese supermarket (I believe it is in Glen Waverly). She too is Malaysian-Chinese, having resided in Australia lo these many years, and she couldn't go past the idea of a Malaysian Curry chip.

mr potato crisps

Now that I look at this poorly framed photograph, I realise I left out the most important part - the Jalur Gemilang (Malaysian flag) border around the top! That's right, these 'Malaysian Curry' chips were in fact from Malaysia, all the writing around the back was in BM (bahasa malaysia, the national language) and everything. And yet. 'Malaysian Curry.' I don't know.


These were interesting. They had a little tang, and a really tiny blacan after taste. But mostly they tasted like pringles.

In non-accidentally-vegan news, don't buy plain samboy chips from a vending machine when you're really hungry and it's the only thing you have time for. You'll pay your $2.50, only to discover there's lactose in them. And then you'll sulk.

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K said...

Ohh good spotting, you should these both on the aussie vegan food updates group on facebook.