Sunday, 18 July 2010


We only recently-ish bought a panini grill. We left our jaffle-maker behind in Perth last July, on the grounds that it was old and skanky, and picked up a cool new press a couple of months ago. The downside of a press is that I can't put baked beans in my toasties. The upside of a press is that FOCACCIAS AND SOUR DOUGH AND TURKISH BREAD OH YEAH.

sourdough toasted sandwiches (pre toasting)

Danni, since she works at home, gets most of the delicious toasties, on the grounds that she can make them more often. And then I get jealous when she IMs to tell me about them. Featured here is avocado, roma tomato, smoked tofu and cheezely, with sour dough brushed with olive oil (we had run out of nuttelex). Smoked tofu in toasted sandwiches is EXCELLENT. I highly recommend it.


Hannah said...

Smoked tofu in LIFE is excellent. :P (Which is why me = crying because I haven't had it in over a year. Bad me. Bad, bad me.)

vegiebug said...

baked beans in toasties - man oh man that shit is amazing. i love a good panini grill too :D I broke my toastie maker this year because i tried to squish a sammidge too big. hahaha.

Danni said...

Baked beans and cheezely turns out to be an amazing toasty filling.

steph said...

@Hannah I was so pleased when I discovered smoked tofu! There's a local cafe (CERES) that does a really delicious smoked tofu, which is where I first encountered it.

@vegiebug I used to love baked beans in toasties!


shan said...

Hi Steph,
Do u know of any places in Perth where i can get smoked tofu?
Vegan(ish) @ Nedlands here.

steph said...

Hi Shan,

I don't know anywhere that sells smoked tofu in Perth, but maybe give Cruelty Free WA in Freo a call? If they don't have it, they will definitely either know where you can find it or order it in for you, they're really good! And they already get other Blue Lotus stuff, I know that for sure, so there's a good chance they do. :o) (The brand I usually get is Blue Lotus smoked tofu)