Thursday, 1 July 2010

roasted noms

Now that it's super cold, I'm really appreciating meals that have the oven on for ages! And so it was with great delight on Saturday night that we decided to roast some more things!

roast vegies and tofurkey

On the way home from my FOE shift, Danni, Jo and I swung by the Radical Grocery, where we picked up treats (ie, chocolate) and a veggie roast. We elected to try the Redwood Cheatin' Turkey Roast with cranberry and wild rice stuffing, as we had already tried the beef roast and the turkey roast (no stuffing) the previous weekend at a friend's birthday party.

This was an excellent choice, though it was quite heavy - we had one between the three of us, but it would probably work better between four or five people. This cooks best if it is wrapped in alfoil and roasted for ages (the same length of time as the potatoes, in fact), then left to cool for five minutes before carving.

This we served with roasted pumpkin, field mushrooms, and potatoes, as well as steamed corn. Some of us (not Danni) elected to eat some peas as well.

I love roast pumpkin. And roast potato. And roast mushroom. I like to put the mushrooms in the same tray as the pumpkin (much later than the pumpkin, of course), where they can slide about in the pumpkin juices. It is the best!

This amount of food maxed out the capacity of our oven, and kept us in leftover roast vegies for several days.

Dessert is not pictured: it was a pear + apple crumble, manufactured almost entirely by Jo, with chopping of vegiesfruits by Danni.


Joanne said...

Psssst, apples and pears are fruits, not veggies! I know this from my learnings. :P

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