Wednesday, 28 July 2010

brunch at source foods, highgate

My favourite place to have brunch in Perth is Source Foods. They know what vegan means (they call it 'NAP' - No Animal Products), which is rare enough in Perth; and they serve tempeh, which is also pretty unusual.

Anyway, it's my favourite, so Alexa and I went there on Saturday morning.

We took advantage of the lovely Perth weather to sit outside. Usually in winter I find it too cold to sit outside in Perth, but one winter in Melbourne and suddenly it is glorious! I didn't even have to wear a scarf! Or a coat! It was amazing!

brunch at source

I ordered, as I have many times before, the vegan heaven: tomato, two (two!) types of mushrooms, wilted spinach and baked beans, served on crisp bread with hommus. I also ordered it with a side of soy-marinated tempeh. It was so amazing. SO AMAZING. I ate it all up.

Alexa ordered the mushroom crostini, mushrooms with wilted spinach on hommus and crisp breadishness. She was indulging in mushrooms in her mushroom-hating housemate's absence.

Not pictured: our juices. Alexa ordered orange + ginger, and I ordered the 'zinger,' which contains orange and ginger and asomething else that I can never remember, maybe apple.

After brunch we went adventuring: to North Perth, where we visited Little Design Horse; and then in to Mount Lawley, where we visited Planet, primarily so we could visit the greatest bookstore in the world. I know some people prefer Oxford St Books in Leederville, but I can never go past Planet.

penguin wall decal at little design horse hanging out at planet

Previous visit: here.

Source Foods
289 Beaufort St

gf available (this post is tagged gf because the menu can be very gf)


eloise said...

I love Source :D
I moved to Highgate, so I'm walking distance now (ok, so I made it a whole 5 minutes closer than when I was in Mt Lawley... it all counts!)

The vegan heaven is a tiiiiiny bit pricey, but it's definitely worth it.

Anonymous said...

that looks so delicious!!

vegiebug said...

man oh man that breakfast look amazing! HUGE, yet amazing. I love me a whole roasted mushroom.

steph said...

@eloise, I used to live in Highgate, so it was my closest cafe! Oh the hardship!

@Carla it is!

@vegiebug yeah, me too! :o)

Johanna GGG said...

all looks delicious but that tempeh looks amazing - why can't more places have such interesting brunch options

Kate said...

Oooh, that sounds yummy. I wish they were in Melbourne!