Thursday, 15 July 2010

mocha brownie

I am, as previously blogged, on a hunt to find a decent brownie recipe. Of course I would prefer the BEST MOST AMAZING BROWNIE EVER, but given my repeated failures I would, at this point, settle for merely a decent brownie.

I recently tried the brownies recipe from The Complete Vegan Kitchen, pg 300. This book has been one I've not used that often, which I'd like to change. So I gave this brownie recipe a go.

It calls for 'half a cup of very hot espresso,' which I think I increased just because I used the moka pot to make some coffee and poured it all in, ended up being about three quarters of a cup. I also used a cup of coconut sugar, which is the MOST DELICIOUS SUGAR IN THE WORLD, instead of white or brown sugar. It tastes like Milo.

I also made a few other tweaks, so I reproduce the recipe with my mods below! I thought the brownie was good, but needed more chocolate; Danni and Jo both pronounced the brownie good, but needed more coffee (they're wrong).

piece of mocha brownie

mocha brownie
modified from pg300 of The Complete Vegan Kitchen

about three quarters of a cup of strong, hot, freshly brewed coffee
almost half a cup of cocoa
one cup coconut sugar
quarter cup chocolate chips (optional: this will add the extra chocolate flavour)
half teaspoon vanilla extract
quarter cup canola oil
one and a quarter cups of plain flour
one teaspoon baking powder
shake of salt

Whisk the coffee (very hot!) with the sugar and cocoa and chocolate, then add the vanilla extract and oil and combine until it's all smooth. Add the flour, baking powder and salt to the wet ingredients, gradually, until just combined.

Bake at about 175C for 30 minutes. I recommend a square tin that has been lined or greased. Let it cool for a bit in the tin before removing and cutting.


Danni said...


Anonymous said...

the best brownie recipe EVER.

Cindy said...

Tell me more about coconut sugar and where I might purchase it!

steph said...


@Carla thanks! and it works ok with applesauce as egg?

@Cindy coconut sugar has kind of an earthy flavour, it works really well in brownies and some cakes, and sometimes I eat it with a spoon, and I really like it! I get mine from FoE.

nixwilliams said...

i ate some of this, and i agree with danni and jo!!! MOAR COFFEE!

Anonymous said...

hi steph.. I dont know .. I use orgran egg replacer.... but give it a whirl!!