Monday, 26 July 2010

[vgml] plane noms

Hey, so, I've been in Perth! Qantas one way, Virgin the other, so only one plane meal provided. For your interest, a very bad photo:

vgml breakfast

Featuring: rosti and beans, and that same berry muffin that Qantas always serves. Before takeoff, as we were idling in the queue, I read the inflight magazine's review of a Masterchef challenge, where participants were divided in to teams and had to create an inflight meal in 90 minutes. The article says, Taste changes at 30,000 feet, so big flavours are needed. The meals must be really interesting and well-crafted, but not so idiosyncratic that passengers find them confronting. Isn't that lovely! Here is what I think of that, in the form of a letter to Qantas. I will not be sending it. :o)
Dear Qantas,

I would like to talk about breakfast! My rosti, though I was excited by the peas it contained, was bland. Not big at all! The beans were ok, again, not big in flavours. I would like some variety in my muffin, it is always the same berryful. Also the banana was underripe. Thank you for the juice.

In addition, I'd like to address the matter of the options available to those who did not order special meals. These were given as scrambled eggs or cereal. This was the only description given to anyone. Perhaps some further explanation is required, as you served the lovely Muslim woman behind me the scrambled eggs, which upon opening she had to return, as the eggs were thoughtfully served with bacon. Perhaps you might have mentioned this to her, since she was wearing her headscarf, which I know you noticed.

Also, the smell of bacon. Wow. I find that pretty confronting. Not my favourite way to spend half an hour. At least there was no-one directly next to me.

S Penguinface
I read Eating Animals on the plane. Review to follow shortly! (It is only half written)


Rachel said...

It still looks nicer than my Malaysian airways VGML meal! blergh.

em! said...

What is it with baked beans and airlines? Appears on SQ's VGML frequently and it's always served with soggy spaghetti. DNW. Complete with cow's creamer (for the coffee) and yogurt. WHY OH WHY?

Danni said...

@Rachel: I had a really average MAS meal last week too :(

Ruth said...

The last time I flew Qantas, that was the BEST dish I was served. And that disgusting muffin is the only thing resembling a dessert you get, too. While the carnivores munch away on ice cream and cakes, I always get a freaking banana.

Now I stockpile the bananas, then as if there's any leftover cereal packets at breakfast and have a big meal then to tide me through the bland pasta and rice dishes.

Theresa said...

The masterchef challenge was to create business class meals... maybe they are the only ones who get BIG flavours?

steph said...

@Rachel @Danni I am so disappointed to hear this, because last time I flew MAS I had good food!

@em! I dunno, what's with beans and spaghetti? That's an interesting combination. Also cow creamer, yuck.

@Ruth MORE OH NOES. I've definitely had better meals on Qantas! But I always stockpile stuff before flying anyway - today it's avocado + alfalfa sandwiches.

@Theresa and us poor people get only small flavours? It's a good theory!

eloise said...

hahaha I actually thought your meal looked good, and I am a total fan of plane food! Maybe it's because I rarely fly Qantas though, so it's a bit of a novelty for me. I love getting food in the little packs.

I was stoked with my meal the last time I flew Q!

Kate said...

Yeah the vegan meals I had on the planes were pretty underwhelming and bland. The best one had some mashed potatoes, which I was skeptical of but trusted the fact that the container was marked "vegan (strict vegetarian)". Since getting home and making my own mashed potatoes though, I'm convinced the plane ones had real butter in them. Sigh. Clearly they don't really know what "strict vegetarian" is at all...

Anonymous said...

haha so true about the muffin.