Tuesday, 6 July 2010

monk bodhi dharma, balaclava

So it turns out that everyone is in love with Monk Bodhi Dharma!

I've been hearing about Monk Bodhi Dharma for a couple of months now, and everyone has had nothing but great things to say about it. We kept making plans and putting them off - we knew we had to go on a weekday, when we could actually get a seat, and coordinating work days is hard! But finally, last Friday, we coordinated ourselves well enough to get on down to Balaclava.

It was totally worth it. Eyeing off the vegan cupcakes (works of art!) in the display cabinet, we got ourselves a seat at the communal table.

Whilst waiting for Jo, we ordered some coffees. Danni's soy latte was a little bitter, but still good. I ordered a soy chai. Please be warned - the soy chai, as it turns out, is not vegan! There is honey in the mixture. You have to specifically ask for a vegan soy chai (which Jo later ordered, and was delicious but a little less sweet than the non-vegan soy chai).


french toast + pears at monk bodhi dharma

I ordered the vegan french toast with pears and pistachios and covered in some sort of caramelised sauce, and served with lemon cream cheeze. This was amazing. The toast spears were sweet and crisp, and the pears with the caramelised toppings were amazing. The cream cheeze was so sweet it was like the topping of a carrot cake, so I could only have a small amount.

I will definitely eat this toast again, but at the end, I was so sugary I needed to steal some of Jo's lunch:

lunch time special

Jo ordered the lunch time special, some sort of pumpkin and peanut stew with a nice (spicy) chilli jam and rice. This was good! A pleasant, hearty lunch for a rainy day in Balaclava. And a good offset to the sweetness of my toast. :o)

porridge for breakfast

Danni went for the porridge. This came with stewed rhubarb, brown sugar, and soy milk. It had a lovely mild flavour, and was quite tasty! I would order this on my own some time! (If I wasn't desperately coveting the french toast)

I really enjoyed Monk Bodhi Dharma - it was tiny and cute, and the service was nice, and the food was delicious. Shame it's in Balaclava, but I suppose I can make the occasional trek South for such delights.

a hanging wall

Monk Bodhi Dharma
Rear 202 Carlisle St

Hidden behind the Safeway
all veg restaurant (no eggs)
GF options available


Vicki said...

I think I must go there & eat that french toast.

Penny said...

Yay Balaclava! You can't have all the good cafes on your side of town :P Leave some for us poor South-siders! Although I still haven't been. Maybe today!

Hayley said...

That photo of the pear french toast is giving me delightful, syrup coated flashbacks. BLISS!

steph said...

@Vicki yes! I recommend it!

@Penny I have only ever been to Balaclava twice! It was an exciting visit all around!

@Hayley delightful flashbacks are the best!

Jackie said...

Balaclava is the BEST! Carlisle St is so full of awesome breakfast win! I heart south side living.

Anonymous said...

I think I might have to head over to Balaclava! The french toast, pear, pistachio dish looks brilliant. The other food looks okay too.